Tips on how to increase your MMR

After playing many games of MMR, I’ve realized that these things are the keys to winning MMR 😀




Use heroes that are buffed or Overpowered in the current patch –Dota2 heroes, items, and even the game itself changes from time to time. They have been so many patches already and in each patch there are always heroes/items that have been buffed/OP. So in order for you to know which heroes are the most OPs try to read the changelogs or the changes on heroes/items so that you will have the advantages in the game. Knowledge is power!



Stop Blaming your teammates, encourage them! – Dota 2 is a team game, which means teamwork is key. I see too many times people lose just because they flame a teammate that didn’t have a good game, or can’t handle an aggressive tri-lane. If someone is feeding but you don’t think it’s on purpose, suggest them to farm the jungle instead of trying to farm lane, and make sure wards are up (more below) so they can see that they could be ganked.




Vision – Most people, especially in the lower brackets, will underestimate the role of the supports in a game. Supporting is probably one of the most crucial parts of Dota, even beyond the role of the carry. Supports make sure the team knows when to fall back because of spotting the enemy with a ward or when to engage into the rosh pit by surprise and wipe the enemy.



Communicate with your team– this is key. Some people are so focused on their lane they might not notice the enemy mid walking to them with a rune ward, so when you spot it call it out, either ping the enemy hero portrait and ping their lane or use the mic.


You can also watch this video ^^


There are more ways, but these are some of the best options. Using these is likely to increase your chances of winning, therefore increasing your MMR overall.


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