How to handle your boyfriend’s Dota2 addiction

How to handle your boyfriend’s Dota2 addictionis your boyfriend addicted to dota2 ? is he paying more attention to dota2 more than your relationship? Then, I’ll tell you how to handle this kind of guys.


I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year already, yes I can say that we are madly in love with each other. We met because of Dota that’s why starting from the day when I met him until now, we are still playing Dota2 together. We fought a lot because of Dota2 because sometimes I feel so irritated each time he plays Dota with his friends especially on games/Tournaments because he doesn’t chat me during those times. Well as the saying goes “ Love conquers all “ hihi. So for those girls out there who also suffers this kind of problem. Remember this things.


You have to COMMUNICATE  Try to talk with each other. You both have to talk about the problem. Try to tell him that his addiction is destroying your relationship.


Listen – This is very important because sometimes relationships are wasted because maybe you or your boyfriend doesn’t listen to what the other one is saying. Sometimes there are really acceptable reasons on why your boyfriend is playing. Just like mine, my boyfriend plays bet games/tournaments and his win rate is quite high. After winning he treats me so that I won’t be angry anymore.


Trust – You have to trust him. When he says he is just playing Dota2, let him. I trust my boyfriend because as I’ve noticed he is too busy on me and his Dota and it seems that he doesn’t have any time for other things 😀 hehehehe
Time – if he loves you, he will surely give time for you even if he is addicted to Dota2. I know that most of us girlfriends are irritated if our boyfriends will choose to play instead of giving us time. Yeah it really is irritating but I think it is also a good for us to spend time for ourselves. BUT if he spends more time on playing Dota2 than you, talk to him! break up with him! GGWP. 


There you have it! That’s my tips 😀 Just stay calm all the time  Try to understand his hobby but if he is playing too much then it’s our time to break his neck! hahahaha Thanks for reading my blog!


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