How Dota2 helped me in my mood swings.

I still hate this game but at the same time, I didn’t expect that it would help me in my mood swings.


I started to play Dota2 way back May 2015. At first, I was really curious because Dota was already very popular back then. When I first played the game I didn’t really understand what I’m doing, I just click everywhere 😀 Luckily some of my friends were already familiar with DOTA so they helped me in understanding the game and on how to play it. I wasn’t able to enjoy it not until when I played with my bestfriends then I felt something strange, I got excited and happy when I killed an enemy hero then my friends started to scream saying “ Nice ka! “ I started to clap and jumped, I couldn’t forget how happy I was and that was the beginning of my slight addiction in playing Dota.

I met a guy who was soooo good in this game. His MMR was 5k, he taught me almost everything that I didn’t know about the game, he made me understand the right use of skills, items, and heroes. Later he became my boyfriend :3 He was actually a Dota player here in CDO.  At first I supported him whenever he was playing a tournament or a betgame, he was really good, he won every tournament and betgames that he played. But even though he was playing games here and there he still got time to play with me and our friends.

There was a time when he stopped joining those tournaments and betgames, I was so happy because almost all of his time was with me. But it wasn’t permanent, he became addicted again and that was the time that I started hating him and his dota..


One time, we had a fight because of a  tournament. I was really in a very bad mood that time,I didn’t want to stay at home because my mind was full of “Tourna nasad”
“Dota nasad”then suddenly my younger brother invited me to play DOTA with him. I agreed so we played for 2 games. I was able to kill an enemy hero then I trashtalked him and I felt so happy because my anger was diverted into this game. I felt refreshed and I calmed down then later on, I started to become happy because I was slaying enemy heroes here and there. My mood changed 😀

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